Internet Speed and Productivity

I was updated by old friends within the whatsapp group about the internet speed in Asia. The index showed that the below listed countries enjoy internet speed in the unit, Mbps. Source : Ookla Net Index

1st Hong Kong 78.3
2nd Singapore 66.6
3rd Japan 41.5
4th Taiwan 39.3
5th China 19.5
6th Thailand 18.9
7th Vietnam 14.2
8th Cambodia 5.9
9th Brunei  5.5
10th Malaysia 5.4
11th Myanmar 5.0
12th Laos 4.5
13th Indonesia 4.3
14th Philippines 3.5

If you surf you can begin test of your internet speed.

Not long ago, President Obama revealed his plan to provide high-speed internet connections at his nation’s schools and libraries. When the White House officials said that about 70 % of the schools internet speed is slow, it indicates that the speed in procuring knowledge faster is important in improving learning. Obama added a fair statement, “In a country where we expect free Wi-Fi with our coffee, we should demand it in our schools” If knowledge is acquired later, you are delaying the improvement knowledge and a skilled workforce.

Businesses cannot be done today without internet. Fair to the small businesses, internet speed must not be categorized into low speed, medium speed or high speed corresponding to SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and big companies. This is because reliance on internet speed in more important today than ever before. The speed influence the productivity of your workers. The speed either delay your adding of attachments in your workers’ email or the downloads. If delay happen, you are doing businesses slower than other people.

The war is going on. Service providers are coming up with news application even at this moment you are reading this. When your customer experience difficulties during access to applications on your website, they get unsatisfied and you lose their loyalty. If you are a healthcare provider, faster data transfer means the critical information your medical staff needs can save lives of patients as the diagnosis process can be speed up.

Earth Hour reminds everyone to reduce the use of energy. Today, many countries want to go green. By including high speed internet as an essential part of the energy plan, a country is then on the road to a green economy. If the speed is reduced, the volume of a nation waste would rise. Unproductive expenditures incurred. Most of all the nation people become less capable when they spend more energy, time to retrieve a small data, get stressed (high blood pressure, ulcer) and tired. All that would add to global warming.

Just about two decades ago, people use to complain that there was excessive bureaucracy in government administration systems. Such situation somehow or rather affect the election result.  Thereafter, procedures and forms are simplified and it helps a little before the introduction of efficiency to work. If the speed is slow, the plan of an E-Government is failing and the barrier between citizens and their elected representatives or wakil rakyat get wider.

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