Awesome By Google : Kuda Kepang Dance (Hang Tuah Village Melaka)

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The Kuda Kepang Dance is a traditional dance much enjoyed by the Johorean, particulary those whose ancestors are Javanese. Shaped like a horse, it is made of woven bamboo and colored leather to enhance its appearance.

A team of dancers usually made up of 10 to 15 dancers and one of them would act as the head of the team. This dance is usually performed during the welcoming of dignitaries, or festival of arts.

This dance was performed on Saturday 10 May 2014 in celebrating the Festival Pendekar and Busana Tradisi Nusantara 2014.

About 2,500 participants in the Malay traditional martial arts, Silat, from within and outside the country converged at the Hang Tuah Centre or Perkampungan Hang Tuah in Duyong, Melaka to celebrate the festival.

Datuk Latiff Tamby Chik, the EXCO for Communication, Unity, Cosumerism and Co-operatives, said that the two days festival is one of the government efforts to preserve the Pendekar Knowledge and the Busana Tradition.

Datuk Latiff Tamby Chik further added, "In conjunction with the Visit Malaysia 2014, the festival could promote the arts of Silat and the traditional Malay apparels." Present during the opening ceremony, include Sham Mohd. Ghani, the Chairperson for the Guru-guru Silat Association of Melaka.

Other then the Melakans, participants came as far as Negeri Sembilan, Johor, Singapore and Indonesia.

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