Beli Belah Aidilfitri 1433H Melaka

Di Melaka.

Muslims are beginning to do their Aidilfitri shopping from 13 July 2012. They can shop from 13 July to the eve of Hari Raya Puasa which may fall on 18 August or 19 August on the sighting of the moon or the anak Bulan. It is also during this period of shopping that they fast for the month of Ramadan. A popular shopping bazaar is preparing their tents at the Cempaka Garden or Taman Cempaka, a corner plot of space forming the traffic-lighted cross-road, adjacent to the TESCO and the Melaka Sentral. The delicious Malay foods, beverages and desserts will appeal your appetite timely for the waktu buka puasa. 

Collect the free Raya packets during your shopping so that you can give the gift of joy as the first day of Syawal take charge. In addition to the Raya packets, you can also share your delight with your saudara-mara dan sahabat-sahabat with Raya hampers.

On women apparels and accessories, there is a long list of items for selection and they are :

  • Baju Kurung Pahang
  • Baju Jubah
  • Baju Tunic Top
  • Baju Kurung Bertradisi
  • Long Sleeve Kebaya
  • Handbag with Purse
  • Ladies Sandals
  • Watch and Brooches
On men apparels and accessories, there is a long list of items for selection and they are :
  • Cekak Musang
  • Baju Melayu
  • Sampin
  • Butang Baju Melayu
  • Songkok
  • Men's Chappal
  • Casual Shoes
On children apparels and accessories, there is a long list of items for selection and they are :
  • Baju Kurung
  • Kebaya
  • Baju Jubah
  • Cekak Musang
  • Tudung
  • Sampin
  • Songkok
The rooms are important too during the festive, and they are refurbished with new Fitted Sheet Set, new Quilt Cover, new Comforter and Bedspread sets. Available to partner those fabrics are pillows supplies of many kinds. In the hall, change the Backrest Cushion, layout the new table runners or table cloth, hangup the new lace curtains or pleated curtains and brightened up the floor with bamboo mats or carpet. Some white flowers, Dutch Daisy, Satin Rose and sets of tiny decorative light will add ambiance to the Aidilfitri celebration.

To make sure that the desserts, cookies, the ketupat, and the kuih-muih catches the eye of your guests, shop for the canister tray, the beverage dispenser, the dessert set, the revolving tray, the canister, and finally the bowl, soup plus dinner plate.

Some would like to upgrade their TV screens to wall-type wide Plasma screens by choosing brands like Panasonic, Samsung, Toshiba or Sony. Some may prefer to get a new camera, a blender, a food processor, an oven, a food warmer, a hob, a refrigerator or even a washer.

Dining outside to shower your saudara-mara with love during the Aidilfitri has been a tradition. There is plenty of food outlets in Melaka to meet everyone choices and if you think of going Arabic, there is a restaurant serving delicious Arabic Foods at 15A, Jalan Bukit Beruang Utama 2, Bukit Beruang, Melaka. Open from 11.00 am to 2.00 am, you can book your table by calling +6062322848.

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