Traces of Zheng He in Melaka

Zheng He, an excellent navigator of the Ming Dynasty, made 7 successive voyages from 1405 to 1433. Zheng He, a friendly diplomat of ancient China visited over 30 countries had made diplomatic relationships, cultural exchanges and promoted trade during the 7 successive voyages. Zheng He led nearly 30,000 men in a fleet over over 200 vessels in each of his voyage. Zheng He had developed friendly relations between China and many countries of the world and his contribution is remarkable till this moment.

The Ming emperor appointed Zheng He as the imperial envoy to lead the Chinese voyages to the west seas. Like the fisherman of today who offer sacrifices to the Heaven and the Sea, Zheng He did the same during his time. The Mazu, a diety of the Sea, is an important figure and a wooden carving of Mazu during the Song Dynasty is still in existence in China. Before Zheng He's 7th voyage, he went to offer his sacrifices at the magnificent Mazu Temple at Meizhou Island, in Fujian.

In Melaka, you can find a huge statue of Zheng He at the foot of Saint Paul's Hill. You can also look at the San Bao Well dug by Zheng He at the foot of Bukit China. The Admiral Zheng He Museum provides you further knowledge. Zheng He was warmly received by Melakans.

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