Chinese Porcelain

A clay that burned pure white was found in Kao Ling hills by the Chinese and they learned how to make beautiful pottery in the world after that. As far back as 3,000 B.C. fine pottery was made in China and we call it porcelain, or china.

Porcelain wares were part of the laden vessels when Admiral Zheng He made voyages and some of them have found their ways to Melaka. Some have sunken. Some have followed the owners when they migrated to another country. Some are still resting in the antiques rows. And some, are on display in the museums in Melaka. Some have broken. Potters have produced some of the loveliest porcelains during the Tang Dynasty. Intended for the royal family, porcelain with the five claws of dragon is symbolic of the emperor.


Since then, the Chinese decorations on these wares became famous all over the world. Overnight, china wares become an asset.
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