Panasonic Air Conditioner CS-S10SKH-1

This air conditioner model from Panasonic can provide you with cooling effect quickly after you enter your room and switch on the unit.

You will feel the cooling comfort almost immediately and that is what every person wanted after stepping into the room from a hard day work during the hot seasons.

A clean air is very important to healthy living as the environment become more polluted and this unit is able to serve you well in this function.

While you wanted comfort, you may also consider the cost of comfort which makes you worry but with this CS-S10SKH-1 unit, you can optimize energy saving.

The nanoe-G purifies your room air to the smallest particles while deactivating harmful micro-organisms such as viruses, and bacteria to keep the air clean for you as your rest in comfort.

This unit can helps to optimize your room cooling needs while reducing energy waste because the Econavi Plus Inverter technology check how your room waste energy. With the result of the auto-checking, the unit will adjusts the cooling power according to your room conditions and your room activity levels..

This unit also give you the joy of instant fast cooling satisfaction on a hot day with the i AUTO-X that enable the compressor achieve maximum frequency in a short time.


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