FRIDAY 20 MAY 2016

More than 12,000 people walked through the heritage city of Melaka last night from Gajah Berang Road, passing through Tun Perak Road, Tun Sri Lanang Road, Bendahara Road, Quayside Road, Heeren Street, Tengkera Road and back to Seck Kia Eenh.

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The bronze image of the Buddha started it all and last night the replica of the Buddha has more than 12,000 people who thronged the roads.

One of the invited speaker for the Leadship Workshop is Datuk Charlie Chua. 

The Shrine Hall that you see today was originally a small wooden bungalow standing on the same piece of land purchased in 1938.

The bronze replica is brought in from Burma. Wesak is the most important festival and is celebrated on the full moon in May.

The below picture was snapped last night at the intersection of Ong Kim Wee Road and Tengkera Road. Public Bank Berhad is located on the left.

The below picture show you a dragon team participating in the procession passing through First Cross Street.

 I was standing opposite the Hard Rock Cafe, and the procession is long enough for me to stay at this spot for more than one hour.

Melaka is an old city which is still preserving the ancient traditions and this picture show you the procession passing through Quayside Road or Jalan Laksamana in front of Saint Francis Xavier Church. At this point, Datuk Lim Chow Beng was leading the procession.

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