Malacca High School In History

Financed by public subscriptions and supplemented by a small government grant, Malacca Free School was opened in 1826.

It offered classes in Malay, Chinese and Portuguese but this school was purely an English-medium.
Melaka’s first newspaper began to circulate in 1826 and the Governor closed it down in 1829.

From the jetty, the young Malacca High School boys would not know that Sime Darby occupied the Dutch Building at the end of the jetty which is partly hidden by a tree which is still standing today.

The boys could see the museum in the Bastion House but would not know that the place was the headquarters of the Dunlop Rubber Company.

Four years before Malacca High School opening, a picture from the air would tell you that Melaka was a ‘lifeless dullness’ and streets were deserted. History recorded that the British law was introduced in 1826.
Do you know that education is important and that was why Malacca High School was opened though the Melaka’s population was just 38,000; ten years later in 1836. 

Today’s heritage zone, the old town of Melaka’s population was 12,687 a year after the birth of Malacca High School. Those who are going to attend the 190th Anniversary dinner on December the 3th this year would still remember houses used nipah leaf and some stayed in wood house with atap roof.

Malacca High School is a rename from The Free School in 1878 and it had faced periods of deterioration in the past and its enrolment went down from 250 to 162 in 1899.

In the 12th century, there was a strong demand for English education, and the first Malay aristocrat to receive an English education was Raja Chulan.

Born in Melaka in 1883 into a long-establisehd and westernized Baba family, Sir Tan Cheng Lock was a High School boy.

The Malacca Free School is the ancestor of the Malacca High School with John Henry Moor as its founder.
Education is one important life matter, where the Japanese also acknowledged as noted on 14 March, a month after the fall of Singapore, ordering teachers and pupils who had fled to continue classes.
When was the change from Malacca Free School to Malacca High School ?

A 1826
B 1878
C 1926
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