Melaka Art Gallery
on Jalan Laksamana
brought to you by Melaka Museum Corporation

“ Thank you the organiser, Puan Fadhillah binti Md. Saleh, General Manager, Melaka Museum Corporation, artistes Allen Tan, Constance Teo, Tommy Chen, staff or PERZIM, ladies and gentlemen.

Melaka Excellent. Melaka Smart Green Clean.

I would like to thank PERZIM for inviting me to officiate the Beauty In Nature Gallery.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Melaka Museum Corporation efforts to promote visual arts has been going on with the establishment of two galleries namely Melaka Art Gallery and Melaka Folks Gallery.

Image Source: Azemah,
Melaka Museum Corporation
Exhibiting works of local artists and international artists, these two galleries having been visitors from Asia, Far East, Europe and other continents.

Beyond arts exhibitions, visual arts educate and instill awareness, to visitors old and young including educators and students and the general public.

Interests on visual arts is encore in these two galleries with planned workshops, seminars, creative and imaginative artworks, interactive arts ideas and others.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Today, we can admire the works of three artists by visiting the Melaka Art Gallery on Jalan Laksamana [ formerly known as Quayside Road] on display themed as Beauty In Nature from 15 January 2019 to 20 March 2019.

Allen Tan is one of the artists born in Melaka and has held several solo visual arts exhibitions in the Melaka Art Gallery and today he is specially sharing with you, emotions through arts and some examples you can see where he uses horses, birds, flowers and portraits of man and woman.

Image Owned By About Melaka[L : Constance Teo, R : Daniel Ong]
Constance Teo is a professional photographer who uses the beauty of flora and fauna to express her works. She discovered photography as a lively poem, from the beauty of nature to the man emotions.

A famous Koi artist in Malaysia is Tommy Chen, and he love to adore koi from younger age. His focus on koi in his artworks continues till today. Catch a glimpse of his imaginative koi today at Melaka Art Gallery. Find out more here.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Today objective of this visual arts display is to provide you the unique values of these local artists and how their visual of beauty in nature pieces could blend your home, offices and businesses places including hotel lobby and rooms.

Last but not least, I would like to thank PERZIM  launched the artists works today and I wishes the artists every successes."

Speech Text - Beauty In Nature Official Launch
YB. Datuk Dr. Wong Fort Pin [ Facebook ]
State Executive Councillor, Bemban Constituency
and Deputy Chairman for Melaka Museum Corporation.

Surely, you would gain some visual arts knowledge and the nature’s beauty that goes in each and every pieces of works display for this season, over the long Chinese New Year holidays.

Note : Constance Teo is the wife of my senior, Tam Chiew Seng [Read StarOnline Tuesday 8 August 2017 : Keeping and travelling the world], when we pursued our secondary education in Malacca High School.

Chiew Seng and me
Image Owned by About Melaka
Chiew Seng is the hockey star who represented Malaysia in the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984.
Head on to Melaka Art Gallery today.


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