Malacca High School [SMK Tinggi Melaka]
Saturday 3 December 2016

Former students visited the school located on Chan Koon Cheng Road today before the 190th dinner celebration began in Hotel Equatorial Melaka.

One of them is 1972 school captain, Abdul Rahim Abdul Aziz. School prefects attended to these former students as they meet each other and make a walk-around.

On the Advisory Board, Netherland Maritime Institute Of Technology, he wrote on Page 19 of the souvenir magazine for the 190the Anniversary Celebration.

[Page 19 Souvenir Magazing] My Lifestyle By Dato Abdul Rahim Abdul Aziz

“ Its been almost 5 years now since I began my duties with Dialog Group Bhd, heading the Marine division which is responsible for the development on the marine side in particular the safety of navigation, vessel traffic management and regulation, berthing and unberthing of vessels, capital and maintenance dredging to mention only but a few.

The waters off Pengerang and cargoes loaded and unloaded are gradually increasing corresponding to the increase in the number of jetties to be constructed.

Lying in an idle bay, it’s a pleasure to breath in the crisp morning breeze, what more to savor the fantastic sunrises and sunsets.

The perfect sun rises in the east, off Teluk Ramunia whilst in the evenings she sets beneath the horizon, dipping into the seas off Tg. Stapa and Changi.

The golden rays of the sun when dipped into the azure seas blend into a beautiful coloration which itself is a sight to behold.

Its during these times that I .... more in the magazine.

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