My favourite bread and tea at OldTown White Coffee

This is the first time I visited OldTown White Coffee outlet in Malim Jaya, though I have been to the oulets in Aeon Bandaraya regularly.
This is my favourite bread.

And without the Teh Tarik, the mid-morning refreshment would be dull for me.
I find this writing in the poster on its wall and I would like to share with you. “In the neighborhood of the old Ipoh town, you will find a shop called OLDTOWN, which has been the talk of the town for decades and is famous for its unique and fragrant white coffee.

The story of this distinct “white coffee” brew began in 1958 when its founder, a Hainanese gentleman from Ipoh, discovered an ingenious method of roasting coffee beans, much to the delight of local coffee drinkers.

At OLDTOWN, our unique coffee roasting process will bring out the exotic aromas of carefully selected Liberia, Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. These beans are moderately roasted in high temperatures and blended with small amounts of caramel resulting in OLDTOWN White Coffee’s distinctly delicious taste and flavor that coffee lovers savor till this day.

With steamed milk and hot water added in just the right quantity, you can expect a truly wonderful coffee drinking experience in a cup of OLDTOWN White Coffee…just the way the original creator first made it a long time ago in Ipoh."

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