St. Theresa’s Church, Melaka 75th Anniversary Novena & FeastDay Celebration

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Theme: St. Theresa – Our Lifelong Friend
Date: 23th Sept – 1st Oct 2016

Day One 23.9.16
At Lorong Pandan
Theme of the play: The childhood life of St. Theresa

Day Two 24.9.16
At Batu Berendam
Theme of the play: A Smiling Stature of Our Lady

Day Three 25.9.16
At Pulau Gadong
Theme of the play: Hope In Rome

Day Four 26.9.16
At Bachang
Theme of the play: Un-regrettable Love

Day Five 27.9.16
At Pokok Mangga
Theme of the play: Ordinary In Extra-Ordinary

Day Six to Day Eight at Parish Hall of St. Theresa’s Church

8.15 pm: Devotion
8.30 pm: Mass/Preacher: Fr. Simon Yong

Theme: St. Theresa’s Relationship with God

Day Six 28.9.16: In her personal Life
Day Seven 29.9.16: In her family life
Day Eight 30.9.16: In her community life
Day Nine 1.10.16 FeastDay Celebration:

St. Theresa – Our Lifelong Friend

Main Celebrant and Preacher: Msgr. Peter Ng

7:00 pm: Mass
8:30 pm: Procession
10:00 pm: Procession arrive back at Church for Benediction

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