Nando's Meal Is Satisfying

Nando's Peri-Peri

We shopped at Tangs The Shore Shopping Gallery this morning but before we continue shopping, we went for lunch at Nando's The Shore.

My wife made an order for 1/4 chicken plus rice and PeriWedges and for me, she selected the Saucy Tender. She know I prefer hot drink, and she requested Chamomile Tea for me, away from my daily home English Breakfast Tea. She got herself an Iced Choc.

This is the first time, we try lunch at Nando's The Shore though we frequented Nando's Mahkota Parade.

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This is her 1/4 chicken.

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The restaurant is uniquely well-decorated, clean, fresh and comfortable.

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We sat with Table 11 and we are so satisfied with the hospitality, the friendliness and the pleasant smiling crew. He and she politely served us from the moment before we selected our table, pleasantly take our order, timely dished out steamy meals from kitchen to our table, watchfully to remove finished plates and making sure we enjoy our meal.

We love the PERi-PERi.

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Upon paying for the bill to the cashier, Eyna gave a "love-shaped" note wanting to check how much I enjoy the lunch. It says, "How was it 4 you ?"

My wife handed me the little note and asked me to try my luck to win a meal at Nando's restaurant.

I have just completed Nando's short survey at using my Survey Code and when are you going to make your chance. Enjoy a meal at Nando's today and get your Survey Code

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After lunch, we continued our shopping at Tangs and got nice Silver Piping Dress by Seoul's HEADLINE. Next, we grabbed 2 sets of Grand Atelier and a POLO wallet for our son.

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