Ahad 28 hb. Ogos 2016
bersamaan Zulkaedah 25 1437H

The Melaka State Contestants have displayed their skills this morning at the Pasar Tani Taman Pandan Indah, Melaka.

Asam Pedas is a popular sour and spicy traditional well-known local cuisine and is a ‘must-try’ dish to many travelers or visitors to Melaka. Singaporeans too, like Asam Pedas.

Portions of tamarind and chili is very important to make your favorite bowl Asam Pedas steamy rich and fiery hot. 

In addition, careful selection and preparation of daun kesum, bunga kantan, onions, garlic, ginger, ... is equally important to make dish out a delicious bowl of Asam Pedas.

The Cara Penyediaan or method of cooking with relevant heat intensity to allow the flavours suppress and complement one another, where anyone within the kitchen and the dining table is tempted by the delicious aroma.

Ikan Bakar is another dish competed beside Asam Pedas.

The MAHA 2016 is Malaysia’s premier 11 days agro fair filled with showcases and activities that will appeal to anyone who has interest in agriculture, business owners who conduct agriculture trades and investors as well as the general public.

Some of the activities are as follows:
Main Event Areas/State Pavilions
Business Seminars & Workshops
Networking opportunities
Product presentations and launches
Agriculture technological and innovation demonstrations and competitions
Agro bazaar
Competitions and award presentations
Field demonstrations
Agro-tourism activities
Agro-product promotions
Cultural performances
Traditional cuisines and cooking demonstrations
Pet shows, fishing contests, wellness program

The MAHA 2016 will take place at MAEPS or Tapak Ekspo Pertaian Malaysia Serdang from Nov 24 to Dec 4 this year with a forecast of some 3.5 million visitors generating about 200 million Ringgit Malaysia in trades.

The official mascot for MAHA 2016 is Upin and Ipin.

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