If you look back

if you look back,

there is one photograph moment looking back at you

you may not know how to call it or why it happened

but there was,

whole red, stripes of red, flowery red

colors of my shirt, your blouse, and her scarf,

sometimes bright, sometimes not

depending on the daylight

calm, cheerful

lively, sweet smiles

side by side

greeting the camera

the three,
making a friendship in a heritage café

of a lost kingdom*

of 754 years history

of a Unesco Heritage City

named Melaka

announcing the value of old and long  friendship

I am here,

and if you look back at this wall

there is one photograph moment looking back at you.

Dedicated to Sirilak Sukpawan, Aime Amore Aim and the other girl and as a token of friendship, from Daniel

if you like to know where the wall stand, click > WATCH

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