Chasing after Endlessness

The gorgeous clouds set up a momentary background to please active commuters and pedestrians within Melaka Sentral and its vicinities.

Barely anyone take the time to enjoy the beauty man cannot offer.

The overhead pedestrian bridge served as an emblem for the "stage" while the rays of rising sun solidly worked on a live 3D evolving "cauliflower in the sky"

Everyone was busy at something or another.

The girl in the car on the outer lane is checking herself with the hind-mirror.

The man in the car on the inner lane is checking the messages in the whatsapp.

Even the pedestrian crossing the bridge is staring at their handset.

The light is red and to catch a picture for is surely one thing one would do.

I stay still, do nothing and admire the adorable greetings the view has give rather than a picture snap that would steal a few seconds away.

The green light is on, and there goes my car chasing chasing after the changing clouds.

Swaying from left to right; the clouds diffuses into a patch of mess like a spill of white paint that stained the surface.

Some of you did the same

Don't worry that a beautiful picture is not captured and shared here, and don't invite worries that come along chasing after endlessness.

Things endlessness like ... money, work, knowledge ... why is rich people not happy?

This is the only topic we examined at the wake of a former principal of high school last Friday. Enough is the word. More than enough; serve God people then.

The next hour, the clouds and the sun will restage again. Are you ready?


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