Mother's Day & Twelve Cup Cakes

When my daughter, Danielle Ong, bought twelve cup cakes from Singapore for her; she captured a picture of herself and mom enjoying the cupcakes. She asked me, "Pa, aren't you taking picture for your blog ?"

As she hashtag the picture #twelvecupcakesandmom, 11 days ago as I was putting up a blog post and it was a Malay poems for Malaysian Mothers that goes like this,

Saya disambut khas dan ikhlas,
Kerana dia, saya anak Melaka,
Kasih sayang tak berharap balas,
Jangan sekali-kali buat dia duka.

(A Malay poem inspired today)

Dengan ingatan tulus ikhlas dizahirkan kepada semua ibu tua Orang Melaka, ibu muda Orang Melaka dan bakal-bakal ibu Orang Melaka sempena Hari Ibu 2016 bersamaan 1437H Syaaban 1.

[Twelve CUPCAKES brought home by Danielle for her mum]

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