The hospitality of Malacca Toastmasters Club #7315, Area A1, Div A, District 51

I found Toastmaster awesome and stay healthy in 2016”, he commented as he stood on my right. Come my turn, I revealed to everyone that, “I used to hear about Toastmaster, a place for self-development but now I can see and feel the truth”, commenting as a guest on their first meeting this year.

A Chinese man and a Malay man greeted as the door closes behind me and he is the Sergeant At Arms, TM Saw Chin Hee and the other, the President, Ahmad Yusof ACG, ALB.

The Word of The Day is Hospitality.

During a 5-minute break, TM YS Ang handed to me a brochure about Toastmasters and how does it work. We’ve a great chat.

This brochure tell you all about Toastmasters.

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