The kindness of Shinzo Abe and the Japanese people

Kuala Lumpur
Saturday 21 November 2015

The kindness of the Japanese is a traditional thing that is deeply embedded in their way of life. Early Japanese were guided by their Shinto, Buddhist and Confucian beliefs to be hospitable to their fellowmen. And the beliefs has permeated well not only on social relationships, and business relationships but in international diplomatic relationships as well.

For example, a foreign traveler to Japan is not only regarded as a customer or a client but also as a guest of Japan whose presence is desired by the Emperor himself and his or her comfort is a national responsibility.

Everyone has heard of the traditional Japanese traditional bow used as greeting each time they meet you. A 'hataraki-mono', Japanese does not forget about their native genuine positive 'yasashii' or 'omoyari no aru' in being thoughtful of others.

Japanese is also appreciative of others, does not forget how others offered assistance in the past and this is reiterated when Japan Premier Shinzo Abe reminded Malaysians of the Japan Earthquake in 2011. "Japanese are warmly touched and moved when Malaysia extended support to Japan then.", said Shinzo Abe when he was interviewed during a Q & A this morning with Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Abe say, "We will help Malaysia grow."

+Orang Melaka are thankful to the +Japan for their thoughtfulness.

If Abe's hopes of the shinkansen bullet train become a reality, travelers are able to enjoy another mode of comfort travel between Kuala Lumpuy ~ Melaka ~ Singapore.
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