It is Diwali

wo men shi yi jia ren, (Chinese)
aneh vanakkam nan nandri, (Tamil)
multi Malaysian many tolerance, (Eng)
selamat menyambut Hari Deepavali. (Malay)

Though 1Malaysia still has a long road ahead, in HSOB and MHSet they are already one for all and all for one since yesteryears, some as far back as 1826. For that matter, the bond is a  by-produce of the heritage that comes with history in a special State. The State is Melaka.

Founded in 1262, what you see today in Melaka is nothing new except the additions of modern infrastructure. If you go to Melaka regularly, you may ask, "What is there in Melaka ?"

The answer would depend on the admirer and if he could look beyond what he sees, he discover an amazing treasures of the past that served people from the east and west.

Parameswara, prince of Hindu influence has earned his merit to put Melaka on the old world map.

May the lights of Diwali shine the path of this heritage city to regain her glory. Happy Diwali to all Malaysians celebrating Deepavali on Tuesday 10th Novemver 2015.

[ The poem or pantun is an inspiration from the HSOB group. ]

Drafted on Sunday 8 November 2015 Hour 23.23 to appreciate all Hindu friends.

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