The Sawah Of Melaka

Originated from Java, sawah is a Javanese term commonly used by the old folks of Melaka.
Though rice planting was encouraged in the past but it did not thrive because the most soil was unsuitable. However paddy field as sighted at the following locations;

Naning in 1827
Batang Melaka 1837
Lendu 1890
Ramuan Cina Kecil 1827
Ramuan Cina Besar 1827
Ayer Pa’abas 1876
Alor Gajah 1847,  now a town to a soccer star, Soh Chin Aun .
Melaka Pindah 1847
Paya Rumput 1878
Sungai Udang 1879
Cheng 1847, now a fast growing commercial centre.
Kandang 1847, now an untouched kampong setting.
Bukit Rambai 1827, has become an industrial area today.
Malim 1847, is a townshop to many workshops.
Tanjong Kling 1827
Batang Tiga 1827
Klebang Besar 1827
Balai Panjang 1828, has become a modern shopping area today.
Bachang 1893
Bukit Baru 1847, has become a housing cum businesses centre.
Semabok 1828, is now home to a few major automotive showrooms.
Ayer Molek 1827
Alai 1827
Umbai 1893
Serkam 1893
Sungai Rambai 1893
Macap Baru 1827
Durian Tunggal 1883
Jasin 1857

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