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Sentosa Singapore

Most Recent Video on Jonker Walk Sat 29 June 2013

Jonker Walk open to traffic ~ 1st day, Fri 28 June 2013 鸡场街

Jonker Walk is open to traffic

Close Jonker Walk ~ The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Malagas, Mulaqah, Amlaka and Melaka

You, me and the haze

:: cina islam | 2013 ::: Jerebu: Semua Sekolah Di Melaka, Kuantan Diarah Tu...

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Aik Cheong 3 In 1 White Coffee Tarik With Hazelnut

Hazy and Hot Melaka

Who is lucky stays in Malacca

Yesterday Night Melaka

Improve your looks

Because of zhongzi

A cup of coffee makes the day

Specialty Recipe Popcorn

Youth's Secret

Mahkota Parade Melaka Kpop 2013

Fascinated by Lamborghini

Gift from a child

Admiral England

Daulat Tuanku

I like to stay in a hotel within